Friday, June 27, 2008

Putin's New Evil Empire

Few things make the bien pensants more uneasy than talk of right and
wrong. They flinched when Ronald Reagan called the Soviet bloc,
rightly, the "evil empire". Sometimes that fastidiousness was simply
based on wilful ignorance. Reports of Stalin's terror, the Gulag,
persecution of dissidents or the bullying of the captive nations were
dismissed as tendentious or inaccurate. More often it was based on a
feeling that the West's own shortcomings were so appalling that we
were in no position to judge anyone else. Amid the ruins of communism
in Czechoslovakia in late 1989, I sat through an excruciating dinner
with my then foreign editor where I explained that the Czechs wanted
to become a "normal country". He couldn't share my enthusiasm. "What's
`normal' about Britain?", he asked scornfully — a country where
mounted police charged striking miners, where a quarter of the
population lived in poverty, and where you could be locked up for a
decade just for having an Irish surname.
Click here for full article by EDWARD LUCAS
From the new Standpoint magazine, which has
just launched. is the website.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The importance of heroes for our national heritage

Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine on Government Awards — “The Title of Hero of Ukraine” — states: “The title of Hero of Ukraine shall be bestowed on citizens of Ukraine for a heroic exploit or an outstanding career achievement.” Such individuals are awarded the Gold Star and the Order of the State, respectively. The latter decoration was instituted in 1998 in independent Ukraine, although I think its roots lie in the Soviet era. Between 1998 and Oct. 14, 2007, when Roman Shukhevych was honored, about 200 of these decorations were awarded, including more than 20 Gold Stars.

Medvedev Hits Out at Ukraine

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev condemned on Sunday
what he described as attempts to rewrite wartime history --- an attack
the Kremlin said was aimed at Ukraine and the three Baltic states.

I think the Soviet propaganda machine did a good job re-writing history themselves and now
comes the time where all their lies are being exposed. Like little children they are crying about the Holodomor which the Soviets who also lied for many years about ever happening are now saying that not only Ukrainians suffered during this tragic time.

Just like they seem to think Kyiv Rus is part of their Soviet history, when anyone with any historical knowledge can conclude Moscovy only came to any existence in 16th-17 century.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ukrainian 'genocide by starvation'

Memory is bound up with politics. Ukraine's President, Viktor Yushchenko, seeks support from Western nations in having the Holodomor declared an act of genocide. Russia opposes fiercely what it sees as a politicised and nationalistic campaign. There must be a historical reckoning for one of the great humanitarian catastrophes of the last century. But the manner of that commemoration risks inflaming relations between Ukraine and Russia, and exacerbating the Kremlin's distrust of the West.
Click here to view full story by Times On-line UK.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The main point

Something else frightens Russia even more: the revelation of the true nature of the Holodomor may have a disastrous effect on its imperialist historical memory. Therefore, those who seek to protect it will turn a deaf ear to any kinds of arguments advanced by the Ukrainian side. However, we must continue to persuade our fellow countrymen and the rest of the world that the Holodomor was the result of terror by famine — in other words, an act of genocide. This is our duty to all those who died in the throes of starvation, to their unborn children and grandchildren, and to ourselves.

Click here for full story from The Day, with historian Stanislav Kulchytsky and his Russian counterpart Viktor Kondrashin on the Holodomor.

Gareth Jones back in Ukraine

First British journalist Gareth Jones, to call the Ukrainian famine a planned act of terror and genocide. Interview with his niece Margaret Siriol Colley

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kyiv Chicken Festival

As a follow up to my previous posting, I made a very BIG error as to how the story line should be titled. Here is how is should have read as follows: "Beauty queen, Serhiy Ivanov :-)) warns Kyiv of holding its annual Kyiv Chicken Festival."
This is due to the fact that there has been a reduction of eggs in and around Kyiv. Where have all the chickies gone????
My deepest apologiesfor this BIG goof up.

Ukraine's largest chicken producers Nasha Ryabab holding about 45% of the market and under the control of Ihor Kolomoysky's Pryvat group have decide to enlist Tartak, Haytana and other musicians to pump their product. While I can't remember the exact date of the festival... I really don't think it will be as well attended as the many different festivals.
Hat tip to uaMuzic and not ruMuzic ~~~~ just having a little fun Vasyl! :-)))

P.S. Here is another great track with Tartak & Huliaygorod -
Oy uchora v Kumi (Kofein RMX)


Ivanov Warns Kiev Over NATO! Hooohoooohooohooo...

Now, I would not call this friendly relations between so called brotherly countries. When things don't go Russia's way, they like to resort to threats. With Putin, it was a given, but reigning beauty queen Sergei Ivanov, has kept up with his compatriots wishes. So do we (Ukraine) join NATO, or do give in to the threats being issued whenever it does not satisfy Russia' needs, at the same time to to keep Ukraine subservient and tolling the line of the Kremlin? What will be the next threat, starving out the KULAKS as in 1932-1933 Holodomor? Makes you wonder?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lithuanian ban on Soviet symbols

Lithuania's parliament has passed the toughest restrictions anywhere in the former Soviet Union on the public display of Soviet and Nazi symbols.
Click here for full story. Way to go Lithuania!!!! And of course while Soviet propagandists were writing and still keep writing their version of history, they cry foul on the hard truth.
Moscow's official interpretation of history is that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were liberated from Nazi Germany by, then voluntarily joined, the Soviet Union. Gag me with a spoon...........

Nash Holos: Nash Holos Ukrainian Language School Final Exam

Nash Holos: Nash Holos Ukrainian Language School Final Exam

50 multiple choice questions based on the lessons in the CDs, so if you've been paying attention throughout the year, there is no reason you wouldn't ace the exam! (Although, if you haven't but are the type that likes a challenge, you should take it anyway.)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The study of genocide

The Toronto District School Board curriculum on genocide is objectionable not by what it includes in the course of study but by what it leaves out (High-School Course On Genocide Draws Protests - Toronto edition, June 13). Forced starvation has been a weapon in the genocidal extermination of peoples since time immemorial. It was used in time of war to bring impregnable cities to their knees, and in time of peace to destroy undesirable minorities. To leave the Holodomor, the Ukrainian famine of 1932-33, out of the curriculum makes no pedagogical sense.

The UN Convention on Genocide describes various mechanisms of genocide. One of them is "forcibly transferring children of the group to another group." For decades, Canada perpetuated this slow genocidal destruction against our "first nations." Surely, this aspect of our history must also be included in any meaningful teaching about genocide.

More about this exclusion can be seen here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No future for Soviet symbols in Ukraine

It’s high time to speak out loud about those directly responsible for repressions and tortures. It’s time for their public verdict. All over the territory of Ukraine one can still see thousands of monuments and other symbols, dedicated to apologists of communism, in particular to those who organised repressions. I have entrusted certain organs with the preparation of a bill which must commence real processes of liquidating symbols of totalitarianism and communist regime in Ukraine. I will also take care of parliament’s adoption of my bills about the juridical status of Ukrainians who fought for independence of Ukraine in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and about criminal responsibility for rejecting Ukrainian famine and holocaust. Click here for full article.

Message to Moscow

A complete 360 degrees from last weeks article published by The Globe and Mail, which was written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Here is something more to the truth and fair assessment of imperialistic Russia. Click here to read the article by JAMES MARSON

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Russia And Ukraine Clash Over 350-Year-Old Battle

A 350-year-old cavalry battle has become the latest irritant between Russia and its neighbour Ukraine after Russia's foreign ministry on Tuesday accused Kyiv of using the clash to foment anti-Russian feeling.

Oh, what else is new today in Russia. It is hard for the moskalyi to accept the fact that Ukraine does have it's own history and as well won it's share of battles, Konotop being one of them. We can name other's, but this will come in future postings. For now feel free to read the following article on Russia's dismay.

The Konotop battle was with a few exceptions an abandoned topic in Russian Imperial and in Soviet historiography. This attitude towards this event is explained by the fact that it dispelled some Russian propaganda positions about the unity of East Slavs, in particular the ones about "eternal friendship of Russian and Ukrainian peoples" and about "natural desire of Ukrainians for union with Russia". For all the skill and the bravery of the Cossacks — especially those defending Konotop — it still remains a bitter victory. A victory that did not have any significant impact on the course of Ukrainian history, where fratricidal war of the Ruin and personal ambitions of treacherous hetmans prevailed. As such, the Konotop battle remains a classic example of the battle won and a war lost.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Soviet Union helped Nazi Germany instigate the horrors of the holocaust

Many historians acknowledge the sacrifices the Soviet Union made to defeat Nazi Germany in the Second World War. However, a film released in Latvia is suggesting that the Soviet Union helped Nazi Germany instigate the horrors of the holocaust. The move has been condemned by many as an attempt to rewrite history.

President visited Solovetsky Monastery

In Russia President Viktor Yushchenko visited GULAG Museum situated on the territory of Solovetsky Monastery (Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian Federation). President's press office reports.
Staying at Bolshoy Solovetsky Island President put flowers near the Monument to GULAG victims and near the statue of the last Koshovyi Otaman of the Zaporozhian Host Petro Kalnyshevsky.
Then President Yushchenko took a tour of the monastery and took part in a liturgy commemorating establishers of it.

Ex-KGB Thugs Ruining Russian Legacy

Here is an excerpt I found in th St.Petersburg Times, about the lovely situation that is bearing fruit in the former Soviet Union. Or at least calling the Soviet Union's collapse the "biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the century," by some long forgotten president. I wonder whom the author of this article was referring to?
"The former KGB thugs who now control the country are stomping Russia’s last historical chance into the dirt. They are doing everything to show the world that Russia is led not by civilized, respected leaders, but by a street gang from Lubyanskaya Ploshchad."
Click here to view the article.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Good way of de-russifying Ukraine

Here is the lastest from InfoUkes bulletin. Once again Ukrainian publishers have beaten the Russian in translating and releasing a foreign bestseller– this time it’s “The Children of Hurin,” the latest novel by iconic writer J.R.R. Tolkien
Kateryna Onyschuk from Lviv who translated the novel said that while working on Tolkien’s book she dreamt of elves and gnomes, helping her come up with the best translations.

Way to go Kateryna!!!
2:0 for the good guys/gals..... Kateryna's I mean!

President`s wife sues member of parliament

Kateryna Yushchenko, wife of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, will sue member of parliament Leonid Hrach (the Communist Party faction) for his slanderous statements about the President’s family.

Click here to view article.

Also very interesting article here, time to turn the the table around, I would say!!!!

Marsha Singh - British Labour MP Tables Motion to Recognize Holodomor as Genocide

*MP calls for genocide ruling*

Telegraph & Argus
By Anika Bourley

A Bradford MP is calling for the Ukrainian famine of 1933
to be officially recognised as an act of genocide.

Marsha Singh, the Labour MP for Bradford West, has tabled
an early day motion in the House of Commons and is hoping
to get the backing of fellow MPs.

There is no international consensus among scholars or
politicians on whether the Soviet policies that caused the
famine fall under the legal definition of genocide.

Mr Singh said: "The Holodomor was an appalling act of
inhumanity and immense tragedy which lead to the death
by starvation of seven million Ukrainians.

"I have asked for the Government to officially recognise
it as an act of genocide.

Chernihiv pays tribute to James Mace

I can keep publishing the many articles that James Mace had written in his living days, and I can keep re-reading them, each time a different perspective comes to light. How much we miss you dear James. It is if you are still with us, guiding us all through these trying times. Ukraine still has so much to do to recognize and bring the world to recognize the tragedy of the Holodomor.
I post this article in your memory. My mom was born in Chernihiv and survived the Holodomor, a child, four years old who was one of the lucky ones to come out of this alive. I remember her talking about this horrific happening and for me it was not conceivable that such a thing could really happen. And here you come into the region of my mother's birth and people honor your memory and we honor the memory of the 10 million who died.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I was chosen by your dead - Legacy of the Famine: Ukraine as a postgenocidal society

As we are on the topic of Holodomor, I certainly would like to add one of the best articles I ever came across on this topic. This would be by the late Jame Mace. Here is a little caption.

"Ukrainian history of the period, along with documents,
speeches, and editorials carried literally every day by the
official press of Soviet Ukraine, the main features of the Soviet
official policy toward Ukraine became completely clear to me.
At this point a digression is in order. Why should I, a born and
bred American, take up such a topic? What did I need it for? I
have been asked this question very often and I have often
been tempted to ask in turn: Why should millions of Russians,
Jews, Armenians, and Ukrainians travel across the ocean to
that faraway godforsaken country, my America? I did it
because Ukrainian Americans required such research, and
fate decreed that the victims chose me. Just as one cannot
study the Holocaust without becoming half Jewish in spirit, one
cannot study the Famine and not become at least half
Ukrainian. I have spent too many years for Ukraine not to have
become the greater part of my life. After all, Martin Luther said,
"Here I stand, I can do no other."

Click here for full article.

Mace died in Kyiv at age 52. He is survived by his wife, Natalia Dziubenko-Mace, one son from a previous marriage, William, and two adult stepchildren.

The Order of Yaroslav Mudry, 2nd Class was awarded posthumously to Mace by President Viktor Yushchenko, in 2005. A monument in his memory will be established in Kiev in 2008.

World forgets, Canada remembers

'If we keep demanding that Germany and Japan atone for their wartime crimes, is it not time for our governments to finally recognize and atone their alliances with the biggest mass murderer in history, Stalin? His crimes exceeded those of Adolf Hitler by a factor of at least four times.'

It is certainly refreshing to see Canada's media outlet, Toronto Sun and in particular, Eric Margolis exposing the truth about soviet propaganda and the Holodomor issue.

Click here to read Eric's full article.

Also few outstanding pieces by Eric Margolis:

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ukraine must pursue perpetrators of Holodomor

by:Lubomyr Luciuk

Only as the Soviet Empire exfoliated could the truth about the Holodomor be addressed openly. By 1991, however, many survivors had died. And, to this very day, some in post-Soviet Ukraine defend the Soviet past, so obfuscating their own complicity in the many crimes of Communism.

Nevertheless, efforts have been made to recover Ukraine's true historical memory. The fourth Saturday of every November is now a national day of mourning in Ukraine. And President Viktor Yushchenko's government has sought international support for the recognition of the Holodomor as genocide, a campaign furthered during his recent Canadian visit when our Parliament passed a bill doing just that.

This is all good but also off-point. For Kyiv is ignoring a far more pressing duty. Just as Holodomor victims remain alive, so do some of the perpetrators. If Ukraine allows those real liars to pass away unpunished, then all of the above is nothing but an unforgivable hoax, a falsehood that could never be forgiven.

Click here for full story.

World forgets, Canada remembers

Canada's planned recognition of the 1932-1933 genocide, or Holdomor, in Ukraine is very significant, even if long overdue. It was also apropos for this week's visit of Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko, who remains that troubled nation's best hope for democracy and continued independence.

Ottawa's decision was motivated as much by ethnic politics as historic justice, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government deserves kudos for doing the right thing.

For eight decades, the greatest mass murder in modern history has been shamefully covered up or ignored. I was shocked to receive letters from young Ukrainian-Canadians saying they had known nothing about the Holdomor until reading about it in my columns. Hopefully, more now will know.

Click here for full story by Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun