Monday, December 29, 2008

Medvedev Threatens Ukraine Sanctions

What a true diplomat this constipated president is showing us all. Issuing such threats really brings me to my knees!!!! THe direction this puppet government is taking, the route ala Putin!!!

President Dmitry Medvedev used a wide-ranging interview to threaten sanctions against Ukraine, say Russia will allow a more flexible exchange rate and express hope for partnership with the incoming U.S. presidential administration.

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Source: The Moscow Times

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Russia may cut off Ukraine's gas

Russia and their leaders as they call themselves are really, really constipated!!! Read on....

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Source: BBC

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why are KGB men allowed to stay in Canada? - ASK YOUR MP!

Of course the commentators of a particular blog entry suggest otherwise, going so far as to suggest that Mikhail Lennikov was up front and transparent about his KGB links from the get go.

It boils down to which reporter telling the story you are going to believe, but the way I see it, Lennikov wouldn’t have been able to remain in Canada, in fact his visa application would have been rejected had he told the truth about his KGB history. Funny thing, the commentators that left their two-cents worth failed to mention that. Obviously they, like they accuse me of, are more than a little lacking in knowledge when it comes to the circumstances that led to the Lennikov family being issued with a deportation order. They obviously believe that disclosing such information after Mikhail Lennikov was called up on it makes him transparent, and makes up for his failure to disclose pertinent information regarding his KGB association.

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Source: Crooked in Canada

Here are a few interesting article to consider:

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Fair is Fair: Ukrainians Call for Deportation of KGB Veterans in Canada

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Russia Turns New Law Against Kremlin Critics

Here is what democracy is all about. And Germany and France and those Italians enjoy licking Putin's a_ _ . Hmmmm, makes you wonder where their loyalties lie????

Andrei Piontkovsky, one of Russia's most pungent political commentators and a visiting scholar at the Hudson Institute in Washington, was accused in court Tuesday of inciting violence against Russians, Jews and Americans as well as insulting and stirring feelings of inferiority in all three groups.

A Moscow district court opened hearings Tuesday on a charge by prosecutors that two of Piontkovsky's books -- "Unloved Country" and "For the Motherland! For Abramovich! Fire!" -- can be labeled "extremist" under a law ostensibly designed to stamp out racism and xenophobia. The title of his second book refers in part to Roman Abramovich, Russia's richest tycoon.

Andrei Piontkovsky, whose books are alleged to insult various groups and incite violence, told reporters outside court that the case was
Andrei Piontkovsky, whose books are alleged to insult various groups and incite violence, told reporters outside court that the case was "absurd" and "primitive."

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Source: Washington Post

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ukraine de facto obtains MAP, says foreign minister

Kyiv, Dec. 3 (Interfax-Ukraine) - Ukraine has de facto obtained the NATO Membership Action Plan, because an annual national program is an important component of this document, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko has said.

"We have achieved the desired result at this stage: we have de facto been granted an action plan for preparing Ukraine for NATO membership. This is a serious step forward. We are moving ahead toward membership, and we're starting practical integration with NATO in 2009," he told journalists in Brussels on Wednesday, in comments on a communique in relation to Ukraine adopted at a NATO ministerial session.

Source: Kyiv Post

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Georgia and Ukraine face Nato wait

Instead, other less formal measures preparing the way, such as raising the standards of equipment, will be pursued.

This, it is hoped, will enable Nato to say that the goal is being maintained and only the pace of progress is being changed.

Washington is supporting this approach, which it feels might offer a more informal, and potentially easier, track for the two applicants.

Put into the wider context of relations with Russia, the developments represent a victory for the Russians in that membership is being delayed into the future and into the term of a new American administration.

Not that the secretary of state-to-be, Hillary Clinton, is likely to soft-pedal further. She strongly supports the governments of both Georgia and Ukraine.

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Source: BBC