Friday, July 22, 2011

Montreal’s Luba on being 1980s pop icon in Canada – and looking for her next big break

Born in 1958 to Ukrainian immigrant parents, Luba – a.k.a Lubomyra Kowalchyk (Lubomyra which translates into ‘love and peace’) – studied piano, guitar, flute and voice, and during her teens travelled across Canada performing traditional Ukrainian folk songs at weddings and festivals.
“I have always been painfully shy, I blush when people pay me compliments, but I’ve always had my feet on the ground when it comes time to dealing with people [chasing me for fame or fortune],” Luba told me over lunch last week at Restaurant Bonaparte in Old Montreal. “It was weird for someone as shy as me to be a performer. But I never really had stage fright because I’d been performing onstage since I was 13. I’d been recording [in studios] since I was 15.”

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Source: Montreal Gazette

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yanukovych's son unsteady on his feet

Viktor Yanukovych Jr., the youngest of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's two sons, was videotaped on July 12 having difficulty walking and cursing as he apparently was trying to find the door to his residence in downtown Kyiv.

Yanukovych Jr., a lawmaker in Ukraine's parliament, was gently guided by his concerned companions towards the right door on Kropyvnytska Street near the prestigious Besarabka Market.

The low-quality video made using a cell phone shows Yanukovych stumbling and rejecting the assistance of what appear to be bodyguards and companions. He is heard swearing along the way.

The younger Yanukovych is seen taking an elevator to his apartment. It was not immediately clear what he had been doing on the day of July 12.

Days earlier, on July 8, President Yanukovych boasted about his two sons a nationally televised press conference.

“I can ensure everybody that I am not ashamed of my children and grandchildren. And I sincerely wish you to have children no worse than mine,” he said.

The video was taken by Hanna Harbovska, a journalist from The New Citizen civic partnership.

The young woman said she was shocked with Yanukovych's behavior, but didn't hesitate filming him and posting the video on YouTube.

Source: Kyiv Post

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