Monday, May 25, 2009

Ukraine Security Service opens criminal investigation into 1932-1933 genocide

May 22, The Security service of Ukraine, SBU, opened a criminal investigation into the induced famine in 1932-1933 aimed at murdering millions of Ukrainians, the SBU May 25 press center release runs.
The probe was opened following the appeal by Academician Yukhnovsky, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, VR lawmakers O. Chornovolenko and H. Omelchenko, L. Lukyanenko, the head of the Association of Holodomor Researchers, R. Krutsyk, the head of the Memorial Society as well as other prominent Ukrainians. In the appeal, they demanded to investigate the murder by famine of millions of Ukrainians in 1932-1933.

After analyzing the appeal and reports about the genocide, SBU in cooperation with the Prosecutor General’s Office and UINM carried out an investigation indicating that, following the defeat of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1921, the Bolsheviks launched large-scale unlawful campaign to forestall the emergence of an independent Ukrainian state and to turn Ukraine into a denationalized territory of the FSU.

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Source: ZIK

Putin warns outsiders over Ukraine

Another time the wanna be tyrannical dictator goes on a rampage showing his true KGB face.
"He has a discussion there about Big Russia and Little Russia — Ukraine," they quoted Putin as saying. "He says that nobody should be permitted to interfere in relations between us, they have always been the business of Russia itself."

Putin should brush up on the real history of Ukraine and not the crap that he was force fed to learn by his masters.
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Source: Associated Press

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Russia and Ukraine Battle Over Their Shared History

The battle is heating up, but very nice to see reputable media write about the true facts that can be easily researched today, by simply digging a little deeper. Not being fed by chauvinist Russian propagandists, who got used to selling off their lies. Today, the ball game has changed somewhat.
Click here to read great article in TIME magazine, who one time name the butcher Putin as man of the year. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!!

On May 17, Ukraine's Day of Remembrance for Victims of Political Repression, Yushchenko gave a speech at the Bykivnya forest, a mass grave near Kiev where the bodies of an estimated 100,000 victims of the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, were dumped between 1937 and 1941. In the speech, he equated the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany: "They are comparable in their hatred towards human beings. They are identical in the unprecedented scale of their mass killings."

Source; TIME

Saturday, May 23, 2009

‘There will be no forgiveness’

“Ukraine must finally purge itself of the symbols of a regime that destroyed millions of innocent people,” he said, adding that 400 such monuments had been taken down in the past year.

Not everyone agrees with the president’s steps. The Head of the State Archives, Olha Ginzburg, a member of the Communist Party, has criticized the president’s decision to publish archival documents. The president has often riled Russian leaders with his portrayal of their country as the perpetrator of horrific crimes against Ukraine during the Soviet period.

Political analysts suggest that his willingness to touch the prickly subject of Ukraine’s Soviet past has opened a can of worms which is negatively affecting his popularity, which now runs in single digits.

“Many people who benefited from the Soviet Union are still alive,” said Roman Krutsyk, president of the non-governmental organization Memorial, which documents Soviet political repressions. “But lots of people who suffered are also still alive, and relatives of those who were killed. It is essential for Ukraine as an independent state that it remembers its past.”

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Source: Kyiv Post

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Jew Who Beat Jews in a Nazi Camp Is Stripped of His Citizenship

Here is a great article published in Durantyville press....

The case of Mr. Tannenbaum had provoked what many war-crimes experts and Jewish leaders called deep complexities and passions, raising such questions as why a Jew would have collaborated with the Nazis, whether the persecuted can also be the persecutor and how such questions can be answered more than 40 years after the fact.

Some Jewish leaders, while disavowing sympathy for any collaboration with the Nazis, drew distinctions between those who volunteered to help the Nazis and those who thought they were saving their own lives by cooperating, often with the intention of easing the brutal life of fellow prisoners.

Kapos - from the German word Lagerkapo, or camp captain - were appointed by the SS, which supervised the camps, and enjoyed special privileges such as better food, clothing and housing. In return, they supervised the work of other inmates.

Source: NY Times

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Divide and Conquer: The KGB disinformation campaign against Ukrainians and Jews

When will this circus ever end?
The KGB wanted to use this legitimate concern of Americans as a weapon to divide their Ukrainian and Jewish enemies, to discredit the large émigré communities in the United States and Canada, and to discredit any emergence of Ukrainian nationalism.

One of the names Hanusiak brought to the United States was that of John Demianiuk (Demjanjuk). His name was given to the United States Justice Department, which began an investigation of the retired Ohio auto worker. Soon, Demianiuk was accused of being "Ivan the Terrible," a brutal guard at the Nazi Treblinka death camp.

Source: The Institute of World Politics

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The real May Day Victory celebration

While Russia still lives in a days gone by era, other former Soviet countries (Belarus)are realising that it is time to move forward. Along with Ukraine and other free thinking countries, time to from dependency on Russia.

Yushchenko warns against restoration of totalitarianism in any country

Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko has called on all nations that were involved in WWII not to allow the restoration of totalitarianism in any country.

"As the head of the Ukrainian state, I am addressing all nations that took part in the Second World War. You went through the hell of the war against fascism. We cannot tolerate indifference and sacrilege toward that common fight and the dead heroes. In the new times, it is unthinkable to tolerate even the smallest hint of restoration of some totalitarian or authoritarian system and violate the holy right of peoples to their independent national existence," Yuschenko said at a rally in Kyiv marking the Soviet Union's victory in the 1941-1945 war against Nazi Germany.

Yuschenko also said he was sure that all the truth about that war will be known.

Source: Interfax / Kyiv Post

Friday, May 01, 2009

Ukrainian Programming on RCI

Thank you for response Mme Francine Létourneau,

Your response,"great deal of careful consideration, and in response to the very difficult financial situation at CBC/Radio-Canada." certainly does not reflect what is truly happening at the CBC and RCI, as for the following information below. How do you explain the misuse of Canadian taxpayers money, while top executives seem to be more concerned of having a jolly good time, while cutting RCI Ukrainian section.The cutting of the Ukrainian section certainly brings many doubts to mind. I invite you read the following article. What excuse will you come up with now?
Hat tip to Paulette for publishing excerpt from the Ottawa Sun article on her fabulousblog

Ukrainian Programming on RCI


On behalf of Hubert T. Lacroix, President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, I am writing to thank you for your e-mail message in which you voice your support for the Ukrainian section of Radio Canada International (RCI). We deeply regret the disappointment that you must feel at this decision. As I am sure you understand, it was made after extensive consultation and a great deal of careful consideration, and in response to the very difficult financial situation at CBC/Radio-Canada. Although it is bound to Foreign Affairs objectives, Radio Canada International remains fully accountable for its programming. We recognize that the Ukrainian section that opened in 1952 is one of the service's oldest. We also realize how important it is to the Ukrainian community, in both Canada and the Ukraine. That said, RCI must pull out all the stops to fulfill its mission with a considerably reduced workforce now. Despite the closing of the Ukrainian section and the cancellation of programming in Cantonese, RCI will continue to faithfully carry out its mandate, which is to produce and distribute programming that targets international audiences, with a view to raising awareness of Canada, its values, and its social, economic and cultural life. Thank you for your interest in RCI's programming.


Francine LétourneauChief of StaffOffice of the President and CEO