Monday, January 30, 2012

Draft higher education law is retrogressive, obstructs integration

Contemporary Ukraine is a testing ground, not just for educational reforms but also for a fierce struggle being waged against Soviet and Russian colonial heritage and for the right to be part of a united Europe and in particular to be part of the European higher education area.

The appointment of Dmitry Tabachnik as minister of education and science in March 2010 was an attempt to turn back all of Ukraine's efforts towards integration with Europe on higher education issues.

The education policy of Tabachnik is based on his political views, which are viewed as being pro-communist and pro-Russian. In my view Tabachnik is a Russian chauvinist in his attitude to the Ukrainian language, culture and historical memory.

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Source: University World News

Also very interesting program in Ukrainian
Спільна Правда випуск №6!

Спільна Правда - телепроект, завданням якого є донесення правдивої інформації про найголовніші події сьогодення.
Тема шостої програми - антиурядові студентські протести. Гості: Єлизавета Щепетильникова, президент всеукраїнської асоціації студентського самоврядування та Сергій Пархоменко, координатор "АнтиТабачної кампанії".
Ведучий: Олександр Данилюк.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Express newspaper says it faces censorship threat

The alleged pressure on Express is the latest in a string of incidents that many media experts say mark a decline in press freedom in Ukraine since President Viktor Yanukovych took office in 2010. Journalists complain of pressure to toe the official government line in coverage.

“Given the fact that the judicial branch is being transformed into an effective instrument of censorship, the editorial staff of Express has grounds to believe that the court ruling will favor the authorities,” said Viktoria Siumar, head of media watchdog the Mass Information Institute.

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Source: Kyiv Post

Thursday, January 26, 2012

WikiLeaks: Regions Party partly composed of ‘criminals’

Party of Regions true colors are being exposed. Read the following article here which was published in Kyiv Post last week.

Also enjoy the following clip which bring to light what type of President Ukraine chose.

Source: Kyiv Post