Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Russia And Ukraine Clash Over 350-Year-Old Battle

A 350-year-old cavalry battle has become the latest irritant between Russia and its neighbour Ukraine after Russia's foreign ministry on Tuesday accused Kyiv of using the clash to foment anti-Russian feeling.

Oh, what else is new today in Russia. It is hard for the moskalyi to accept the fact that Ukraine does have it's own history and as well won it's share of battles, Konotop being one of them. We can name other's, but this will come in future postings. For now feel free to read the following article on Russia's dismay.

The Konotop battle was with a few exceptions an abandoned topic in Russian Imperial and in Soviet historiography. This attitude towards this event is explained by the fact that it dispelled some Russian propaganda positions about the unity of East Slavs, in particular the ones about "eternal friendship of Russian and Ukrainian peoples" and about "natural desire of Ukrainians for union with Russia". For all the skill and the bravery of the Cossacks — especially those defending Konotop — it still remains a bitter victory. A victory that did not have any significant impact on the course of Ukrainian history, where fratricidal war of the Ruin and personal ambitions of treacherous hetmans prevailed. As such, the Konotop battle remains a classic example of the battle won and a war lost.

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