Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ukraine must pursue perpetrators of Holodomor

by:Lubomyr Luciuk

Only as the Soviet Empire exfoliated could the truth about the Holodomor be addressed openly. By 1991, however, many survivors had died. And, to this very day, some in post-Soviet Ukraine defend the Soviet past, so obfuscating their own complicity in the many crimes of Communism.

Nevertheless, efforts have been made to recover Ukraine's true historical memory. The fourth Saturday of every November is now a national day of mourning in Ukraine. And President Viktor Yushchenko's government has sought international support for the recognition of the Holodomor as genocide, a campaign furthered during his recent Canadian visit when our Parliament passed a bill doing just that.

This is all good but also off-point. For Kyiv is ignoring a far more pressing duty. Just as Holodomor victims remain alive, so do some of the perpetrators. If Ukraine allows those real liars to pass away unpunished, then all of the above is nothing but an unforgivable hoax, a falsehood that could never be forgiven.

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Pawlina said...

I think this is arguably the most brilliant op-ed Dr. Luciuk has ever published.

That said, I wonder what his idea of "punishment" is...

Ukemonde said...

Yes, it does make you think Paulette. I keep being amazed by Prof. Luciuk and his articles he presents. What a genius and what a fighter for recognition of wrong done to Ukrainians, being it Internment issue or Holodomor. We certainly could use a few more people like him in the battle against the propaganda machine on the other side. He single handedly has done more for Ukrainian community than the UCC could ever dream of doing!!!!! :-))))