Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who will win Ukraine's 'political football match without rules'?

Interesting piece I found on CNN about the political game that is going on in Ukraine. Even though Yulia and Yanuk should both be sitting in prison are my thoughts, the author of the article Andrey Kurkov talks about how he is getting fed with incredible stories to write about that would otherwise be hard to imagine or make up.
The paradox of the current political situation is the fact that Yulia Tymoshenko is getting in the way of Viktor Yanukovych from "building a new country". He hoped that while in detention she would not bother him, but as it turned out, while in prison she disturbs him and the building of a new country even more. Hundreds of government officials from former Soviet states and other foreign countries require and request a meeting with her, distracting the "builders of a new country" -- a large and active clan of businessmen representing the eastern regions of Ukraine.
Source: CNN

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