Saturday, May 05, 2012

Foreigners warn tourists to stay away from police

Foreigners who come to Ukraine say that the nation's police officers are giving the nation a bad name. A video featuring comments from foreign tourists was uploaded on Facebook by Yulia Belyanevych. The foreigners said that, after asking for documents, a police officer stole 40 euros from the pocket of one of them. It's a warning for the more than 200,000 foreigners expected to arrive to attend Euro 2012 football championship games between June 8 and July 1. “Police will be the main problem," one foreign man told Belyanevych. "Police haVE stopped me to check my passport and then just robbed me. Police always stop us because we speak English and checks our documents.I am afraid one day I will forgot my passport and they will take me away.” The advice from the three foreigners interviewed: “Stay away from Ukrainian police.” Watch the video here.

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Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

As you very well know the police in Ukraine will be on full alert to try to rip off as many tourists as possible. Don't worry, it is they modus operandi of the nation, very unfortunately.