Saturday, June 13, 2009

Putin 'turns into art instructor'

Renowned art aficionado Vlad the terrorist Putin has come out expressing his great knowledge of art by telling one of the country's most famous artists how to paint better. Click here to read BBC on-line article.

"The sword is too short," he is reputed to have said. "It's only good enough for cutting sausage."

Now this follows Putin’s other knowledgeable talents on subjects such as history and how to re-write history textbooks to fit his vision. This truly shows his mad mad obsession on wanting to become a dictator, but he has a lot to learn yet from like of his idol, Stalin.

Just recently Putin urged journalists to read Denikin's diary, Denikin was a talented writer, and even before World War I had written several pieces in which he analytically criticized the shortcomings of his beloved Russian Army. His voluminous writings after the Russian Civil War (written while living in exile) are remarkable for their analytical tone and candor and are a "must read" to anyone interested in the Russian Civil War. (Source: Absolute Astronomy) His writings can be interpreted in many ways, but Putin finds only one interpretation which fits his bill.

“One of the main ideas in Denikin’s works and political activity was not to allow the divorce of Russia and its little Russian lands – Ukraine,” the head of the monastery said.

“It is a crime if someone starts to talk about the division of Russia and Ukraine, even if this is being said by activists of the white movement or by foreigners,” Putin said citing Denikin’s memoires.

Source Kyiv Post

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