Friday, June 12, 2009

Give him the boot Ex-KGB agent has no right to be here - so get rid of him

There are some Canadians who don't like this rule. Fair enough. They can work to change it. But Lennikov has no such privilege. He is not a citizen. Whether he has lived here for a decade or been a nice neighbour or grows gardenias in his garden and gives them to the poor is irrelevant. He should never have been allowed into Canada and he has no right to stay here.

I agree with Professor Lucuik, time to boot Lennikov and his kind out of Canada....

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Source: Montreal Gazette


Pawlina said...

Another excellent article by Luciuk.

I know deportation may seem harsh to some, especially those who learned all they know about the KGB from James Bond and John Le Carre.

But the fact that the guy had this "church sanctuary" back-up plan and no intention to abide by the law if it didn't suit him kind of cinches it for me.

The law has to be applied consistently to everyone ... otherwise it's just a farce, and we end up living in a no-man's land where "might is right."

Ukemonde said...

Yes tell this to John Demjanjuk and his family family, who for 20 some years + has been living with the stigma of being a Nazi perpertrator... Starting with 60 minutes fiasco and so on, we have been put on the defense by KGB lies and propaganda. Now its time to turn the table on them and let them see how it feels like. D&D policy certainly has been a big issue with Ukraianian community with Odynsky and Katriuk cases. We got to keep vigilant and make sure that such lies do not blemish our community.