Thursday, March 19, 2009

Russia bans 'bloody' hunting of baby seals

Now if they (Russia - Putin's KGB machine), would only stop killing defenseless journalists and freedom fighters, in Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, UK, this could be looked upon as a great achievement

Russia said on Wednesday it had banned the hunting of baby seals, weeks after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called it a 'bloody industry.'

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Source: Montreal Gazette


Luis Dingley said...

exactly, in more specific terms, mass slaughter, with extra sadistic methods of chemical/biological gassing of civilians in Grozny, Urus-Martal, Xankala, etc, killing close to 300,000 civilians out of 950,000 population (if this is not a Genocide, than i dont have any terms to describe this process of de-chechenization of Chechnya). Mass rape, murder, torture and ethnic cleansing against Georgians, first in 1993 in Abkhazia and now in so called "South Ossetia" where not a single Georgia village or house remains. The list is too long, and what is more disturbing, the western ignorance is even deeper.

Ukemonde said...

Quite the travesty and very disturbing indeed Mr. Dingley. Meanwhile, legendary French actress and animal rights campaigner Brigitte Bardot thanked Russian PM Vladimir Putin for supporting an initiative to ban the hunting of baby seals. Maybe she should be flown to Chechnya or Georgia to witness true savagery.

Bardot should keep her hat on....

Pawlina said...

Bardot must have bought her moral compass at the same place Jane Fonda got hers.

Not to mention being born with silver spoons in their mouths. Which may explain their callous indifference toward human suffering ... especially when it gets in the way of their cause célèbres and political ideologies.

But, no doubt Putin is as delighted with his "useful idiot" as decent and informed people are appalled.