Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ignatieff extends an olive branch

At a meeting, which was organized by Borys Wrzesnewskyj, the Ukrainian-Canadian MP who was "turfed" from the shadow cabinet, Ignatieff addressed key issues that affect the community and made several commitments, including:

- To support Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity and membership in NATO;

- To assist in decreasing Ukraine's energy dependence upon Russia by sharing Canada's nuclear technology with Ukraine; and

- To commit to the full terms of the Acknowledgement, Commemoration and Education (ACE) program of redress for the First World War internment of Ukrainian-Canadians, as agreed to by Paul Martin's government in 2005. This program pledged $12.5 million to the Ukrainian-Canadian community for use in internment educational projects.

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Source: Edmonton Journal


Luis Dingley said...

He just needs large Ukrainian votes. You should read his pseudo-patriotic book about his memoirs on family and their past in Russia. What is more shocking for many is that Ignatieff family were Georgians before 16 century, counts Ignatishvili who emigrated to Russia and as many Georgian aristocrats did, russified their name.

Ukemonde said...

Very true, although I have voted all my life for the Liberal Party of Canada, if count Ignatieff were to become their leader, I would have look elsewhere to give my vote.....