Thursday, February 09, 2012

Moskal says he's sure Lutsenko is innocent

Ukraine's former Deputy Interior Minister and Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense faction deputy Hennadiy Moskal has said he believes that Yuriy Lutsenko committed no crimes while serving as Ukraine's interior minister.

"Mr. Lutsenko did not commit any crimes at the post of interior minister. There was no crime in his actions. The interior minister was a political figure and took political decisions, for which nobody in any civilized country is prosecuted," he said during his questioning as a witness at a meeting of Kyiv's Pechersk District Court in Kyiv on Thursday.

Moskal also expressed surprise: "Well, how could the driver enter into a conspiracy with the minister? Are we holding this trial on another planet? What can be embezzled there? Can his [Lutsenko's former driver Leonid Prystupliuk's] pension be embezzled? But it's not enough even for him alone! We have total corruption in the country, and yet we found a criminal gang in the face of the minister and his driver."

At the end of the questioning, while addressing the court, the witness added: "I want the court to understand this: you want to convict an innocent person."

Source: Interfax-Ukraine

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