Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ukrainian Canadians celebrate their roots in Montreal

MONTREAL — Saint Michaels Ukranian Catholic Church is a lot like the Ukrainian community is serves: venerable, sturdy and admirable.

The church services one of five Ukranian-Catholic parishes on the island. It's also the oldest, built in 1917.

Saint Michaels is considered a home-base of the 30,000 Ukranian Quebecers which is celebrating 120 years in the province.

Many, like Bohdanna Monzczak are grateful for their lives in Canada which offered refuge from war-torn Eastern Europe where warring Russians and Germans had brought destruction to their land and many were imprisoned or killed.

"Right after the war, this was really paradise and I still think this is paradise," she said. "The church was full of people with a beautiful choir. Everybody was welcoming. We could have freedom and we could have whatever we wanted here," said Monzczak.

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