Monday, March 01, 2010

Ukraine takes losing in stride, unlike Russia at the Olympics

International sport during the Soviet period served as a way of proving the superiority of the Soviet system. The victories of individual athletes were the collective achievements of the Soviet ideology and the Soviet people. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought an end to the powerful system built over decades that helped to nurture top athletes, and the poor performances in Vancouver are in part a result of that decline.

It’s telling that while Russian politicians this month were still yearning for the sporting glories of the Soviet Union, their Ukrainian counterparts barely gave as much as a nod to the winter Olympics, busy playing a completely different game.

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Source: Kyiv Post

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Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

While this may be the case, Russia still understands the political clout that sports has. But the world must be very cautious with the bear, because I don't think that they really understand that Russia still has imperialistic desires. When I heard the Russian national anthem at the closing ceremonies last night I wanted to throw up.

Oddly enough I didn't feel the same disdain when Montreal handed over the Olympic flag to Moscow, which the west boycotted over Afghanistan. Right now the President of Moscow's website has a decree there stating that Russia will hold a military parade in Sevastopil on May 9, 2010. Wait just a cotton pickin minute. Me thinks the world should start considering a boycott of the Sochi Games in 2014.