Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Russian skater earns gold?????

Get over it you poor losers. There are more important issues your upside down country (Russia) needs, like feeding your poor!!!!

MOSCOW - Olympic figure skating silver medallist Evgeny Plushenko will get a "belated gold medal" from Siberian jewellers, Russian media reported on Wednesday.

Jewellers from Yakutsk said they planned to award a special medal weighing more than half a kilo of pure gold to Plushenko, who was controversially beaten into second place by American Evan Lysacek at last month’s Vancouver Olympics.

Most Russians, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, felt Plushenko should have won the gold in Vancouver. Putin sent Plushenko a telegram, saying: "Your silver is worth gold".

The 2006 Olympic champion himself said he was a victim of biased judging in Vancouver and felt he, not Lysacek, was the "true" champion.

Plushenko was forced to pull out of this week’s world championships in Turin with a knee injury.

Source: The Montreal Gazette

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