Wednesday, November 25, 2009


FAMOUS ESSAY by Rafael Lemkin, New York, NY, 1953 [Text was probably originally composed for Lemkin’s address at the 1953 Ukrainian Famine commemoration in New York. Later Lemkin added it to the material he was gathering for his elaborate History of Genocide which was never published. Ed, Roman Serbyn.] "Holodomor Studies" Journal, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Winter-Spring 2009, Pages 3-8 Charles Schlacks, Publisher, Idyllwild, CA

These attacks on the Soul have also had and will continue to have a serious effect on the Brain of Ukraine, for it is the families of the clergy that have traditionally supplied a large part of the intellectuals, while the priests themselves have been the leaders of the villages, their wives the heads of the charitable organizations. The religious orders ran schools, took care of much of the organized charities.

The mass murder of peoples and of nations that has characterized the advance of the Soviet Union into Europe is not a new feature of their policy of expansionism, it is not an innovation devised simply to bring uniformity out of the diversity of Poles, Hungarians, Balts, Romanians – presently disappearing into the fringes of their empire. Instead, it has been a long-term characteristic even of the internal policy of the Kremlin – one which the present masters had ample precedent for in the operations of Tsarist Russia. It is indeed an indispensable step in the process of “union” that the Soviet leaders fondly hope will produce the “Soviet Man,” the “Soviet Nation,” and to achieve that goal, that unified nation, the leaders of the Kremlin will gladly destroy the nations and the cultures that have long inhabited Eastern Europe.

Click here to read complete article. This is PART III of our six part series dedicated to the 10 million victims of Ukrainian Holodomor


Taras said...

It it very refeshing to see the information being posted about the Ukrainian Holodomor with the many interesting links that have been posted. Looking forward to seeing the complete series.

Ukemonde said...

Thanks Taras, the least that one can do to pay tribute and show the truth to the many innocent lives lost during the Holodomor which was perpetrated by Soviet dictator Stalin and his henchmen.