Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ex-KGB agent denied review of deportation

One less commie..... one down and may more to round up and deport. Many still living in Canada and collecting comfortable big pensions which is being payed out by Canadian taxpayers.

Source: CBC

A former Soviet KGB agent has lost what could be his last legal battle to stay in Canada, after the Federal Court on Tuesday rejected his application for a judicial review.

Mikhail Lennikov wanted a federal judge to reconsider the decision of Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan to send him back to Russia.

Van Loan had ruled that as a former espionage agent, Lennikov was not eligible to remain in Canada. The Federal Court said Tuesday it has found there were no grounds to review Van Loan's decision.

Lennikov has argued that he was forced to work for the KGB as a young man because of his language skills, but that he fled the country years ago in part to get away from the espionage organization.

Lennikov's wife and son have been granted permanent residency on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but Lennikov has been living in a Vancouver church since early June, when he sought sanctuary to avoid deportation to Russia.

He told CBC News on Tuesday he would not comment publicly on the ruling before speaking with his lawyer.

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