Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Canada will not be bullied. ???

"Let's be perfectly clear here," Cannon said at a news conference in Montreal. "Canada will not be bullied.
This statement contradicts itself as we are being bullied in our own backyard with the CBC cutbacks in particular with Ukrainian Section of RCI is the only foreign language department to be terminated.
Does not make much sense to me if we are trying to play an International role in the world, while cutting off 46 million people from a reliable media source which is what the mandate for RCI states:
"The international broadcaster created this initiative with the goal of promoting cultural harmony. It allows the CBC to go a step further in making Canadian culture available to all—both at home and abroad—while reinforcing the CBC/Radio-Canada group’s strength in this area. "
Or are these just fictional words to look good in the world arena? Such a decision is unconscionable and is out of line with the Government of Canada's commitment to Ukraine as one of its top strategic bilateral partner countries."

Hoping that a reverse to these events will be announced shortly.
We encourage you to support this action and sign a petition, click here.

UCC's letter to CBC President Hubert T. Lacroix can also be viewed at:

We also encourage Canadians to express their concerns to:

The Hon. Lawrence Cannon, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Hon. James Moore, MP, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
The Hon. Bev Oda, MP, Minister of International Cooperation
The Hon. Vic Toews, MP, President of the Treasury Board
The Hon. Stockwell Day, MP, Minister of International Trade
The Hon. Jason Kenney, MP, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
The Hon. Michael Ignatieff, MP, Leader of the Official Opposition
Hon. Jack Layton, MP, Leader of the New Democratic Party
Mr. Gilles Duceppe, MP, Leader of the Bloc Québécois
Ms. Joy Smith, MP, Chair, Canada Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship Group


Anonymous said...

I believe CBC should retain the Ukrainian programme as a sign of commitment to cultural diversity and rights to this important part of the Canadian community.

Anonymous said...

In spite of the independent corporate status of CBC, it should as the "voice" of Canada act in parallel with government and Canadians to serve our best interests in the International arena. I urge CBC & Radio Canada to maintain Ukrainian presence

Anonymous said...

CIDA still considers Ukraine important enough to Canada to continue funding development projects. In this context, terminating the Ukrainian section of RCI is rather illogical.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

This is a targeted attack by enemies of Ukraine! Haynba!!!

Greg said...

CBC should terminate either all the sections or none! It is shameless discrimination of Ukrainian Canadian community!

Jim said...

I think that it is an outrage that Ukrainian section is the only language program canceled considering the strategic importance. Tell me that this is the only place to cut costs.

Larissa said...

Not only is Radio Canada International essential for Canadian born Ukrainians but for the many thousands of Immigrants from Ukraine who enjoy and rely on this contact and content provided.

Luba said...

Very sad day for all Ukrainians in Canada. Shame on our government!

Anonymous said...

In February of this year, the Government of Canada announced that Ukraine will continue to be one of Canada’s top 20 strategic bilateral partner countries through the Office of the Minister of International Cooperation.
On behalf of the Ukrainian Canadian community, we hope the Canadian Government will convince CBC Management to reconsider their decision in terminating the Ukrainian Section of RCI, but in fact increase its resources to align it with the Government of Canada’s foreign policy priorities.

Stanislav said...

Radio Canada International has been the connection that people who don't have access to free independent news.
RCI has been a leader in democratic principles for Ukrainians in Ukraine for over five decades. Losing this communication would be serious blow to a struggling democracy.

Olya Radz said...

Ukrainians have moved to Canada, throughout it's history from the early settlers to newly arrived immigrants all of whom brought with them their skills, knowledge and rich culture.
Why is the Ukrainian section of RCI being targeted for termination?
Continued funding must somehow be found to reverse this decision and thereby acknowledge the tremendous contributions that Ukrainians have made and continue to make in Canada.

Prudence said...

In a time when we are looking for ways to support all people from other cultural backgrounds it seems as though the decsion to terminate the Ukrainian Section of RCI is definately a step backwards. We look to CBC to be forward thinking and respectful of the Ukrainian Canadian community and to support the people that are backbone members of Canadian Society as well as a large portion of new immigrants that are arriving to Canada to enter out workforce. CBC should be proud to represent this through the diversity of its programming and eliminating this representation is an indication of the decline in quality inclusive programming.

Roman said...

Yes a very sad day for all Ukrainians in Canada. Shame on our Conservative government for flip flopping the issue of Ukrainian programming on Radio Canada International. Instead of adhering to their policies, they seem to be turning their backs on us. I truly hope they can realize the importance of this program which has been cut drastically in the past years, what a vital pulse it is for Ukrainians in Ukraine as well as people who listen to the wonderful programs here in Canada.

Maria said...

Mr. Lacroix, Please reconsider the decision to permanently shutdown the Ukrainian Section of Radio Canada International. I am sure you can find ways to increase its resources due to the strategic importance the programs produced have for Ukrainians living in Ukraine as well as in Canada.

Viktor said...

Dear colleagues from CBC Radio Canada International. Please, renew the work of Ukrainian Section of RCI. Listeners in Ukraine need it!

Anonymous said...

Many aging people who no longer are able to watch TV find CBC radio and in particular the Ukrainian section of RCI as the life line for news. It is most important not to shut out the seniors from this type of programming.

Anonymous said...

Conservative government should be ashamed to allow it to get to this point.

George said...

Totally appalled at the decision to cut RCI Ukrainian section

Roman Hucul said...

Although Ukraine is theoretically free, there are still large parts of the country that are under strong Russian influence and do not even have access to non local government controlled press and TV. As such, the unbiased news from the CBC Ukrainian section is vital to them, as it has always been. Cancelling this program now would a great detriment to the contined development of freedom in those areas.