Friday, October 17, 2008

Putin tracks pet dog from space


Russia's satellite navigation system isn't fully operational yet, but it seems to work on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's dog.

Putin listened Friday as his deputy, Sergei Ivanov, briefed him on the progress of the Global Navigation Satellite System.

Then footage broadcast on Russian TV showed them try a collar containing satellite-guided positioning equipment on the prime minister's black Labrador Koni.

Ivanov said that the equipment goes on a standby mode when "the dog doesn't move, if it, say, lies down in a puddle.

Now if they only could fit this type of device on Putin and his cronies, would it not be so wonderful?

Source: CNN


Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

So what will he do next... Tag the people he doesn't like so it will be easier to eliminate them?

Ukemonde said...

They have been doing this in a more uncoventional way. But, this really scares me Vasyl.