Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ukraine Out To Garner Respect In Its First Cup Appearance

Joanna Wypior - All Headline News Staff Reporter
Frankfurt, Germany (AHN) - Ukraine's Anatolii Tymoschuk reveals that his side will be able to garner well-deserved respect in his country's debut appearance at the World Cup tournament.
Ukraine face Spain, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia in the first round of matches, and are already predicted to be come out of the group with a strong effort.
"During the last qualifiers, we can make the conclusion that some of our rivals didn't expect our kind of style and level of playing football," Tymoschuk tells Sky Sports. "They didn't appreciate us.
"Since we won the group stage for the 2006 World Cup, the situation has changed. I think that now, every rival appreciates us as a very strong team.
"We have won a very strong group with Greece, Turkey and Denmark, so we are ready to fight during the World Cup.
"We have to prove to everybody our level of playing football. We are ready to fight in every match with every rival.
"Some people tell us that we don't play extra attractive football. They are right, we don't express 'show' on the field, but we can fight and compensate for it by our character and we have to prove our level of playing."
Ukraine face Spain in their first match on Wednesday, June 14th at Zentralstadion in Germany.

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