Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ukrainian-Canadians are outraged

Ukrainian-Canadians are outraged over the defacement of a plaque commemorating the imprisonment of thousands of their ancestors in a First World War internment camp in Banff National Park.
The plaque, located about 12 kilometres east of Lake Louise on the Bow Valley Parkway, was recently found with scrapings on it reading "f--k you," while the accompanying descriptive plate had the letters "B.S." scratched into it.
Parks Canada was notified Wednesday by the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, a group working to represent the human rights of the country's Ukrainian community.
Parks Canada spokeswoman Marjorie Huculak said the government agency sent maintenance crews to the site to determine the extent of the damage and assess for repairs.
"I was quite surprised by the statements," said Huculak, "but what we need to do is evaluate the situation and the extent of damage and the steps we need to take."
Lubomyr Luciuk, the association's research director, said he was appalled by what he described as a cowardly act.

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