Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Three Ukraines

At these elections, people are choosing from three ideologically different past, present and future Ukraines. While being openly antagonistic amongst themselves, these Ukraines also sometimes flow into one another, and borrow from each other key themes, methods of doing battle, and sometimes build on each other’s contradictions.
In this article, only the main models – the “true forms” – are discussed as they are enunciated by their adherents. In reality, each political force and the people who support it express these forms through their own unique prisms. The specific political groupings that are behind each of these ideas are not mentioned in this article, as they are plainly visible to the naked eye.

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Pawlina said...

Interesting article. The author has certainly described three prevalent mindsets in Ukraine, altho I suspect there are several more. Not a whole lot different from Canadians' version of our country, when you think about it. Guess that's democracy in action.