Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was chosen by your dead - Legacy of the Famine: Ukraine as a postgenocidal society

To complete the commemoration of Ukrainian Holodomor - Genocide, I invite you read one of the best pieces I have ever come across written by no other than the James Mace.

In 1981, as I embarked on studies of the Great Famine in Ukraine, there were still many unpublished Party documents.
After studying national communism within the context of the Ukrainian history of the period, along with documents, speeches, and editorials carried literally every day by the official press of Soviet Ukraine, the main features of the Soviet official policy toward Ukraine became completely clear to me.

At this point a digression is in order. Why should I, a born and bred American, take up such a topic? What did I need it for? I have been asked this question very often and I have often been tempted to ask in turn: Why should millions of Russians, Jews, Armenians, and Ukrainians travel across the ocean to that faraway godforsaken country, my America? I did it because Ukrainian Americans required such research, and fate decreed that the victims chose me. Just as one cannot study the Holocaust without becoming half Jewish in spirit, one cannot study the Famine and not become at least half
Ukrainian. I have spent too many years for Ukraine not to have become the greater part of my life. After all, Martin Luther said,
"Here I stand, I can do no other."

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