Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He was the first to light a candle‏

Hundreds of thousands of candles lit last Saturday on squares and in windows all over the country were a memorial tribute to the millions who died during the terrible 1932-1933 famine in Ukraine, as well as to him, James Mace, who was the first to light a candle

This year the famine victims were honored in a special way. One can clearly see that the organizers of the memorial events did this with all of their heart. The posters and drawings on the walls of the Ukrainian House vividly display human contribution to the nationwide memory of the 20th-century catastrophe. The stalls present books of memory from every oblast in Ukraine; there were prepared by hundreds of local researchers. All this is an adequate response to those who accuse the president of “carrying things too far” in this matter.

Hanging among the posters is a small piece of embroidery made by a 10th-grader; it shows grain ears and a guelder-rose. This picture symbolizes that, by the sheer power of his spirit, James managed to find a way to human hearts, even though not to all of them. One more important moment: a woman came up to James’ portrait, put down a slice of bread, and bowed to him. She thanked him and showed that she was in pain.

Source: The Day

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