Saturday, September 20, 2008

President thinks BYuT, PR and communists coalition has minimal chances

Making comments to journalists on possibility of parliamentary coalition between Byut, Party of Regions and communists, in Luhansk, President Yushchenko said that there are minimal chances such an alliance can exist.

He also added that such a coalition may be created but some forces would be forced to resign from a number of priorities they had declared before. In case with Byut these would be promises to aim for Ukraine gaining NATO MAP.

Beside that, according to President Yushchenko the electorate of ByuT and PR would not accept the alliance between these two political parties.

Speaking about contacts between these political forces President Yushchenko stressed that he welcomes any political dialogue because the parliamentarians have their right for it. “If final agreement is reached on these alliance, as the President I will accept them. I will not try to reverse that agreement by any attempts to create a coalition in the Parliament ... Howewer if political partners don't say their word, than the President will say his”, - he added

Source: Official Website of President of Ukraine

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