Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bitter Medicine for Little Volodya Putin, aka Lilyput Putin

Russia was supposed to be the harbinger of the “new economy” that would dissolve U.S. hegemony by relying on Russia’s vast stores of fossile fuels and their hyper-inflated value. But as Boris Nemstov has shown, in fact Russia is rapidly running out of natural gas because it has to sell so much abroad in order to subsidize the remainder of its economy, which is a total and abject failure. How could it be otherwise, when it is run by a proud KGB spy with no more knowledge of how to build a real market than of how to run a real election.

So now little Volodya Putin is frowning and screaming and bitterly resenting having to swallow so much distasteful reality. How the mighty have fallen! It seems like only yesterday that Putin was strutting and preening and being called “person of the year.” How utterly vacuous and stupid those fawning statements now seem, in the light of Russia’s barbaric military action in Georgia — which totally failed to unseat Georgia’s hated president — and in light of the stock market’s humiliating implosion and the neo-Soviet manner in which Putin has helplessly, impotently responded to it.

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Source: La Russaphobe

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