Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoulder to shoulder against Russia

We cannot remain deaf to cries for help from countries threatened by Moscow.
To do so would be to repeat Chamberlain's mistake.

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Source: The Guardian


Pawlina said...

It escapes me how any thinking, decent person could support Russia's aggression against its neighbours.

Yet, according to a recent poll (which seems to have disappeared), some 92% of CNN readers do. You can read comments by some of them here. More than a few of them are sure to blow your mind.

I don't suppose such people will ever see the light, unless perhaps they end up in a gulag.

Then again, I wouldn't count on it. "Useful idiots" never like to admit they've been duped.

Ukemonde said...

Shows us how strong Russia / Soviet propaganda machine is working. First they brainwashed their commarades and they have spead all over this free land of ours. Now they have become home sick and spute their virale garbage.