Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looney ville aka: Moskovska propaganda

President Dmitry Medvedev said: "The world has seen that even today, there are political morons who are ready to kill innocent and defenseless people in order to satisfy their self-serving interests, while compensating for their own inability to resolve complicated issues by using the most terrible solution -- by exterminating an entire people.
"I think that there should be no mercy for that. We will do our best not to let this crime go unpunished."
Is he talking about himself in such a manner?

Also Sergei Lavrov accused Nato of being "unobjective and biased".
"It appears to me that Nato is trying to portray the aggressor as the victim, to whitewash a criminal regime and to save a failing regime," he said.
These cookoos are really off the wall. First they play the role of GOD, saying what is right and whom it is right to punish.
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Meanwhile, we can base our own opinions of what is really going on in Georgia.
Finally, Russia’s accusations of Georgia committing “genocide” in South Ossetia to justify invasion? Turned out to be a big fat lie:
Thanks to Ukrainian Canadian Andrew and Paulette at Nash Holos

Source: BBC


Pawlina said...

Unbelievable gall! (Your subtitle is very fitting.)

Ukemonde said...

Time to get on their cases, I have sent some e-mails to the Russian President's page or at least Liliput Putin's page, everybody knows who is running the show.
Great to see Cyber Cossak on the attack and all the other great blog pages out there.