Friday, August 22, 2008

Putin wins gold medal for bullying

After dounanciations from US President George W Bush and Canada's Prime Minister Steven Harper, on Russia's invasion of Georgia, the Australians have joined in on the melee.
We are certainly getting great coverage around the globe and the real truth about Liliput Putin the bully. Only the Moskali and their press seem to be licking the behinds of their incompetent leaders. Being scared in being sent to the gulag.

It is enough to make even the cynical shake their heads in disbelief. Europe's approach is weak and will cause bigger problems. So Putin wins the gold medal in his favourite event - bullying his smaller neighbours.

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Pawlina said...

Let's hope that internet precedents like the Swift Boats and Rathergate will limit the latter day Duranty-type communist coddling so prevalent in the mainstream media.

But what could light a fire under the appeasers running western European countries? They sure aren't of a pro-active mind, are they.