Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Dima Medvedev a Liar, or Simply an Idiot?

I would certainly lean on the side of idiot. Likewise to all of the cronies involved in trying to make it seem as Russia being the good guys? Yes, the list is long, Liliput Putin, Lavrov, Ivanov,Rogozin, Nogovitsyn, Solovtsov, Konoshenkov, Borisovand of course, Idiotov, Srakov and all that crap!!!

There are only two explanations for Russian troops "digging in" and driving over police cars blockading the major commercial port and taking prisoners when the "president" of Russia told the world they wouldn't:
(a) the "president " was lying,
(b) the "president" isn't really in charge, he only thinks he is - in other words, he's one of the greatest morons of world history.

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Pawlina said...

It's kind of like that fairy story about about the emperor and his new clothes, isn't it?

Only it would appear that in our world in our day, the crowds (still) aren't paying attention to the little boy(s and girls) who are pointing out the truth.

Sigh. Maybe they need to yell a bit louder...