Saturday, October 01, 2011

Can the European Union afford to lose Ukraine?

The European Union needs to give Ukraine a clear path to accession in order to take advantage of the country's economic potential and encourage democratic reform, argues Martin Nunn. Martin Nunn is the Communications Director of the Ukrainian Foundation for Democracy "People First".
"There is almost nothing worse than a noisy and unruly neighbour. In most cases we would try to ignore them, put up with the noise and hope that they don't lean over the garden fence to strike up a conversation.
True, Ukrainian politicians do behave like unruly children that have yet to learn some of the European social skills, the finer points of democracy, the sanctity of the rule of law and just how to do business in the real world. But ask yourself, can the EU really call itself a 'European Union' without a long term vision of just how to integrate the countries of the east into the wider European family.

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Source: Euractiv

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Anonymous said...

The EU is presently going through its own major growing pains. It will be a while before it can start looking outwardly again.