Friday, July 23, 2010

Patriarch Kiril must be declared persona non grata, Ukrainian party demands

While on a visit to Ukraine, Moscow Patriarch Kiril continues to fan interconfessional feud and violate the laws of Ukraine, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Party Oleh Olijnyk says. This time, however, Kiril has embarked on a different tactics regarding his provocative declarations as they are publicized not by Kiril himself but by his aides, the UP July 23 website release runs.

To illustrate, UP refers to one of the declarations made by Moscow patriarchate spokesperson to the effect that the cancellation of registration of Kyiv patriarchate property will heal the rift in Ukraine Orthodoxy [and the unraveling of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church independent from Moscow – Ed.].
“The UP persistently advises Moscow patriarchate leaders to curb their appetite and not to infringe on the property and assets not belonging to them. Similarly, Patriarch Kiril must stop driving a wedge among Orthodox believers in Ukraine and provoke conflict,” the UP statement continues.
“Otherwise, we will be forced to appeal to Pres Yanukovych and prosecution to interfere to stop the religious feud from getting into the open. We will also demand that Patriarch Kiril be banned to visit Ukraine,” the statement concludes.

Source: ZIK

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