Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dmytro [Krippinovych] Tabachnyk

Tabachnyk wrote in Duck Soup Ukrainian Style that the millions who protested in the Orange Revolution did so because of ‘neuro-linguistic programming’, a form of ‘psychological training’ that was developed by the Americans. This is not a case of seeing ‘pigs that can fly’ but of being a hardcore believer in UFO’s and little green men that fly around in space ships!
First Lady Yanukovych, who presumably is too busy in the ‘kitchen’ to perform her presidential duties, also claimed in her famous December 2004 speech that Orange Revolution protestors were drugged up from oranges injected with LSD (see the video clip of her fantastic performance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oicOHnK9ihM). Maybe the First Lady heads up the Donetsk branch of the Ukraine’s X-files fan club and Tabachnyk the all-Ukrainian organization.
Picture above is of the infamous wife-poisoner Dr Crippen a very close resemblance to our Education Minister Tabachnyk. More on the doctor and his colourful associates here

Source: Taras Kuzio Blog
also Foreign Notes Blog

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