Sunday, September 13, 2009

President claims Kremlin is shielding his would-be killers

From their early days of trying to quiet any nationalistic fervour in Ukraine, the Kremlin has a long history of sending assassins outside their territory to do their job in killing anyone who tries to defy them. This went as far as last presidential election in Ukraine, where Putin and company were trying to hand pick the right person who would tow their line. Unfortunately it did not work.

The president of Ukraine has accused the Kremlin of harbouring the men he suspects of poisoning him when he ran for office five years ago.

Viktor Yushchenko, who was disfigured and nearly died, said Ukraine prosecutors wanted to question three main suspects believed to have fled to Russia. His requests for help have been repeatedly rebuffed by the Kremlin, he claimed.

“The people who organised my poisoning have been in Moscow for the past four years,” Yushchenko said. “I’ve appealed to the Russian president three times.”

But we know what the so called Russian president like to do instead, write threating letters to the Ukrainian president and its people.

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Source: Times Online

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