Friday, May 01, 2009

Ukrainian Programming on RCI

Thank you for response Mme Francine Létourneau,

Your response,"great deal of careful consideration, and in response to the very difficult financial situation at CBC/Radio-Canada." certainly does not reflect what is truly happening at the CBC and RCI, as for the following information below. How do you explain the misuse of Canadian taxpayers money, while top executives seem to be more concerned of having a jolly good time, while cutting RCI Ukrainian section.The cutting of the Ukrainian section certainly brings many doubts to mind. I invite you read the following article. What excuse will you come up with now?
Hat tip to Paulette for publishing excerpt from the Ottawa Sun article on her fabulousblog


Pawlina said...

What a lame and self-aggrandizing response from CBC brass.

And of course they had to add insult to injury by putting "the" in front of "Ukraine." Just couldn't resist, eh?

John said...

Very interesting to see the way CBC / RCI spend their money, and when push comes to shove, they go crying on how Canadian Government does not support them financially. If they learned to be more scrupulous with their budget, then maybe there wouldn't be a need to cut the Ukrainian section.
But, it still gives them an excuse now to do so, something they have been wanting for the longest time.