Friday, March 20, 2009

Putin enters seal hunt debate

Putin defies easy categorization.
He's revived Russia's sagging economy yet allowed corruption to flourish. He crushes internal dissent, ignores human rights, threatens Ukraine, invades Georgia, and has savaged Chechnya. He's been accused of assassinating journalists and certain political defectors, but remains as popular in Russia as, well, as Barack Obama in the U.S.
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by Peter Worthington - Edmonton Sun
It doesn't take a genious to figure this one out!!!!
And meanwhile airhead Brigitte Bardot takes her hat off to Putin
In her letter to Putin whom, according to AFP, she called “the president of her heart”, 74-year-old Bardot wrote: "I really want to thank and congratulate you for your willingness to denounce the hunting of young seals that you rightly qualify as a bloody industry."
More on this garbage, click here, that is if you have a strong stomach.

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