Thursday, February 26, 2009

KGB killers enjoy life in Canada

They called themselves Chekists -- the sword and shield of the Soviet Union. They were proud of what they were. Some served as concentration camp guards. Others were executioners. Many were just clerks or cooks or those ordinary guys who mop up the mess after the torturers are done.
Over the years they had different names -- Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, SMERSH and, most notoriously, KGB. Yet their job description didn't change. They were killers. They murdered whomever their masters wanted dead. Their victims numbered in the many millions.

Click here to view complete aticle. Great piece by Prof. Lubomyr Luciuk

Source: Winnipeg Free Press


Anonymous said...

Mikhail Alexander Lennikov, KGB is to be deported from Canada for his past espionage activities. He has been living in Vancouver for the last ten years. This is a great start. Time to get to the old commie fart, before they go to KGB heaven!!!

Anonymous said...

In 2007, Givi Abramishvili, 70, lieutenant-colonel in the Soviet Union's infamous KGB, living in Canada for the last eight years was on the possible list fordeportation from Canada.

Adjudicator, while serving the deportation order, said that he is being deported pursuant to finding of ample evidence that Givi was a member of KGB from 1969 to 1989and before the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, the KGB was the main intelligence agency and secret police for the USSR. Givi arrived in Canada on a visitor visa in 1999 and applied for refugee claim after four years. His hopes now rest on Public Safety Minister to grant him a waiver, despite having served in the KGB.

Slowly they are being rounded up!!!! :-)))

Anonymous said...

The man was forced to serve as a translator by an oppressive regime... You think he had the luxery of asking for a better job? He was perfectly honest on his application, and disclosed everything he was forced to do. The Canadian government is not denying that.... they're just changing their minds.

And why? To appease hateful old bastards like you. Looking for a humble family man to blame the worlds problems on. Authoritarians cheering "rounding people up"

And what is it about the USSR that you object to anyways?

You Hypocrites make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Did I ruffle your feather COMMARADE?