Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eight decades of struggle

The 80th anniversary of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), being marked one of these days, is unlikely to draw too much attention. What is being hotly debated in Ukraine is the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Amy), the OUN’s armed branch, Roman Shukhevych, who held various posts in the organization and even headed it, and Stepan Bandera, known as the OUN top leader. These subjects and personalities have their followers and adversaries. But the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists itself is outside the societal discourse. After all, this can have a logical explanation: the OUN has been a legally unrecognized entity for 80 years now.

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Source: The Day

1 comment:

Pawlina said...

Awesome article! Thanks for sharing this information with the world.

It's too bad, as the article starts out saying, that it didn't draw much attention. That's not a bad reflection on OUN, but rather, on those who ignore it. They just don't understand how high a price the world pays for such ignorance and indifference.