Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why are KGB men allowed to stay in Canada? - ASK YOUR MP!

Of course the commentators of a particular blog entry suggest otherwise, going so far as to suggest that Mikhail Lennikov was up front and transparent about his KGB links from the get go.

It boils down to which reporter telling the story you are going to believe, but the way I see it, Lennikov wouldn’t have been able to remain in Canada, in fact his visa application would have been rejected had he told the truth about his KGB history. Funny thing, the commentators that left their two-cents worth failed to mention that. Obviously they, like they accuse me of, are more than a little lacking in knowledge when it comes to the circumstances that led to the Lennikov family being issued with a deportation order. They obviously believe that disclosing such information after Mikhail Lennikov was called up on it makes him transparent, and makes up for his failure to disclose pertinent information regarding his KGB association.

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Source: Crooked in Canada

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