Thursday, November 27, 2008

More hot gas, and dreaming of glory days gone by!

Not only are our Russian friends constipated with the need to let out a little gas, but they also have run into a mental quandary. Dreaming that they are still a super power!! Sorry before I let out a good laugh!!! :-))

In his first state-of-the nation address, Mr Medvedev, a make believe president, said Moscow would deploy the Iskander missile system in the Kaliningrad region - between Nato members Lithuania and Poland - to "neutralise - if necessary - the [US] anti-missile system". Do they really have such missiles?

"Naturally, we also consider using for the same purpose the resources of Russia's navy," he said. A navy where submarines explode and we are supposed to fear this?

Mr Medvedev also said Russia would jam the US anti-missile system electronically. We all love jamming especially to a good tune. Are there any good Russian tunes to jam to?

Mr Medvedev's announcement is extremely provocative, but the Kremlin's clear message is that America is to blame, the BBC's Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Moscow says.

And what else is new. Seen that heard that. Time to be a little more creative Medvedev, something Russia is really lacking, having you lead their country. But they can dream!!

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