Monday, September 22, 2008

Plus ca change, plus ce le meme chose?

We all need to look truth in the eye and knowledge of our shared history, without distortions and embellishment, is simply vital. Repeating Soviet lies and pushing an image of Ukrainians as Nazi-supporters, anti-Semites and the like, are hardly ways of seeking the truth. It is to be hoped that Michael Prazan did not recognize the familiar odour of the information he churned out. As far as his source of information is concerned, coming only a month after an attempt by Russian-language media outlets and one Polish journalist to fabricate a "pogrom" in Lviv and just a few months after a number of western media outlets were obliged to issue apologies for lies about a "Hitler doll" supposedly produced and popular in Ukraine, it is increasingly difficult to believe that this suddenly spurt of interest and total distortion of another country`s history and present situation was entirely spontaneous.

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Source: UNIAN

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