Thursday, August 28, 2008

Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war

Now this Lilyput Putin has really gone off the deep end. Russian Prime Minister Lilyput Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of orchestrating the conflict in Georgia to benefit one of its presidential election candidates.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino blasted Putin's statements, saying they were "patently false."

"To suggest that the United States orchestrated this on behalf of a political candidate just sounds not rational," she said.

On Wednesday a U.S. ship carrying aid docked in Georgia, while Britain's Foreign Secretary David Miliband traveled to the Ukraine, which is worried about Russia's intentions in the region, to offer the UK's support.

Miliband equated Moscow's offensive in Georgia with the Soviet tanks that invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the Prague Spring democratic reforms in 1968, and demanded Russia "change course," AP reported.

Living in a world of their own, they (Russia), still think of themselves as a great empire. But, sorry to say, NOT / NYET, wake up and smell the coffee!!! I recommend to send in the doctors to examine this loony tune (Putin).

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Source: CNN


Vasyl said...

The guys in the Kremlin are very knowledgeable fruit cakes who know how to manipulate public opinion at home for their own benefit.

I am sure that nowhere in the Russian press would some read the views of people like Michael J. Totten on his site: which unfortunately I can't access right now... He has some permissions wrong on the webserver.. But you can read this article in the Cache on Google.

In any case... this attitude of the Russians reminds me of a joke.

Some old guy dies and goes to heaven. St. Peter is showing him around and he sees some old Hassidic Jews playing harps. The old codger asks St. Peter, "What is this?" "Oh this is Jewish heaven!"

They go a little further and the come across some Southern Baptists singing gospel music. The old guy thinks to himself. "This must be Baptist heaven!"

He then bumps into a wall and asks St. Peter. "What's behind the wall?"

St. Peter removes a brick slowly and points through the hole.

"That is Russian Orthodox heaven, and they think they are the only ones who are here!"

The isolationism... seems to be a trait of Russian Imperialist thinking... It is time for the world to isolate them completely... Let them stay at home! Don't issue their nouveau rich visas...

Ukemonde said...

This would be a good start Vasyl. The Russian chauvinistic attitude prevails. I did get a chance to read the Trotten link thru the Cyber Cossak site.
Little perception in the Western media world of what truly happening in Georgia, although more positive press coming out against Russia than I can't really ever recall such opinion being written up in Western media outlets as we are seeing today. There certainly is hope.....