Sunday, August 31, 2008

Europe must stand up to the Russian bully

However, Russian aggression against Ukraine that would be the deepest crisis for the international community. We are right to back the democratic government of Georgia but our strategic interests in that country are only slightly greater than our interests and support for the struggling people of Zimbabwe or Tibet.

A tough reaction by the United States and Europe over Georgia and South Ossetia is necessary not because changing the frontiers in the Caucasus will directly affect our security but because, if Russia sees the West as weak and indifferent, it will be emboldened to repeat its behaviour in Ukraine - and in Crimea, in particular.

Such a crisis would cause massive instability in Europe. Ukraine is a major country with a frontier with the EU. While it is true that parts of Ukraine - including Crimea - have a largely Russian-speaking population, that is far from unique in Europe.

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Source: Telegraph

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