Saturday, June 07, 2008

Marsha Singh - British Labour MP Tables Motion to Recognize Holodomor as Genocide

*MP calls for genocide ruling*

Telegraph & Argus
By Anika Bourley

A Bradford MP is calling for the Ukrainian famine of 1933
to be officially recognised as an act of genocide.

Marsha Singh, the Labour MP for Bradford West, has tabled
an early day motion in the House of Commons and is hoping
to get the backing of fellow MPs.

There is no international consensus among scholars or
politicians on whether the Soviet policies that caused the
famine fall under the legal definition of genocide.

Mr Singh said: "The Holodomor was an appalling act of
inhumanity and immense tragedy which lead to the death
by starvation of seven million Ukrainians.

"I have asked for the Government to officially recognise
it as an act of genocide.

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