Thursday, May 22, 2008

Estonia tries Soviet war figure

An elderly Soviet war hero, Arnold Meri, has gone on trial in his native Estonia on a charge of genocide over deportations to Siberia in 1949. It is time for Ukraine and Ukrainian government to follow suit. There certainly are many NKVD and SMERSH members living on fat pensions in a country they pillaged and raped. Just go out on May day and they can be herded up and brought to justice.
Click here for full article on heroic steps taken on by Estonia. BRAVO!!!!


Pawlina said...

This is a tough call ... if the guy played his "minor part" under duress, is it much different from the naturalized Canadians who have been falsely accused of being nazi war criminals?

I'm not familiar with this story, but just reading your post brought this to mind.

We have to be careful not to get bloodthirsty in our quest for justice ... lest it turn into mere vengeance.

Vasyl said...


While Pawlina is right that we must not become too over zealous in persuing those people who may have been under duress, I couldn't agree more with you regarding heading out on May Day and on May 9th for that matter.

I believe that the technology exists for doing facial recognition and I'm sure that the SBU have access to it. But rather than becoming bloodthirsty. How about they photograph all those people at the Holodomor Commeration Ceremonies, and those who take part in the May festivities... If some of those who were at both, then we can go easy on them.

See my comments on and you will understand what I'm getting at. You don't see many of those with the pieces of tin on their chests at the Holodomor Commemoration Ceremonies on St.Micheal's Square in Kyiv at the end of November!

Ukemonde said...

My post might have seemed a bit over zealous, but blood thirsty it was not meant to be. I do agree with being civil and routing out the problem through the proper channels. But, just all that hate propaganda out there of late against Ukrainian in the press, must have caused me to go over the edge a little. Not to worry, my anger has been unleashed, now back to being constructively creative. Thanks for the support guys!!!!

Ukemonde said...

As for Prof Lucuik, he does have a list of people who live in Montreal and have writen about their past ways, being members of the SMERSH group. Openly writin about their exploits and hidding any facts of what they were doing. Would it not be justice to try them for their crimes?