Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ukraine toasts its World Cup heroes

The victory over Switzerland was all the more sweet because it was largely unexpected from a team that is making its first-ever appearance at the World Cup.
"I don't think that anyone really believed in us," head coach Oleg Blokhin said in a post-match interview, according to the Interfax news agency. "Many had long ago written us off, thinking that debutants can't be competitive against experienced teams."

Now Ukraine will face Italy on Friday, while Gemany plays Argentina. If Ukraine and Germany meet, this will bring much inspiration to the Ukrainian side... especially if they recall that the last time Ukraine's Dynamo team played Germany was during WWII, when they won the game but lost their lives.

Recalling the Dynamo versus Germany: Soccer Match of Death would bring much attention to Ukraine's turbulent history, and hopefully undo many wrongs that have been put upon the Ukrainian nation.
Babi Yar “”Cossacks”

Good luck to Ukraine and see you in the finals!

hat-tip to CyberCossack http://www.cybercossack.com/

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