Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How well do we know the Ukrainian Diaspora?

The first international scholarly conference entitled “The Diaspora as a Factor of Ukraine’s Confirmation in the International Community” helped citizens of Ukraine discover the Ukrainian Diaspora, which is largely unknown to us. Over 250 members from 25 countries gathered at Lviv Polytechnic University in what was a meeting of minds.
“In essence, Ukraine does not know its own Diaspora, or it only knows one side of it — the Western Diaspora whose representatives bring things to us and distribute them. Meanwhile, we do not realize that today we ourselves must help our fellow Ukrainians living abroad. Granted, the Western Diaspora has done a lot to preserve spiritual values, the structure of political parties and civic organizations, and archival materials. All of this has returned to Ukraine, for which we are greatly indebted to them commented Iryna Kliuchkovska, director, and one one the main organisers of this event from International Institute of Education.
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